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What our patients are saying...

"Dr. G is a miracle worker!  The best dentist I've ever been to and consistent .  He saved my son's teeth .  He does his work the right way, the first time."

"Best and most thorough dentist ever. His work is genuinely beautiful and he takes so much care to make each visit as pleasant as possible. 10/10, would (and absolutely do) recommend."

"THE BEST DENTIST. A true expert - thorough, kind, caring and extremely skilled! And with a very supportive Dream Team on his side! Will never go anywhere else again."

"My husband and I have been going to Dr. Gonzalez for a long time and we are 100% satisfied with his expertise and care. Dr. Gonzalez is very patient and gentle, and takes time to explain procedures in detail. Not only that, but he will not perform unnecessary dental work which isn't always the ca..."

"Professional, meticulous, caring and passionate about what he does, John Gonzalez is not only technically tops in his field, but he's always interested in the best possible outcome for his patients.  His staff is very friendly and my experiences couldn't have been better. You don't always look fo..."

"Thank you Dr Gonzalez for repairing my son's front tooth after he took an elbow in a waterpolo game, breaking the tooth in half. I recommend Dr Gonzalez for his expert workmanship. You cannot tell the tooth was fixed, it looks perfect!"

"Fantastic dentist!  I'd highly recommend going here for any dental work you may need."

"There are a few doctors that I wholeheartedly recommend to my friends. Dr. Gonzalez is at the top of the list. He is an excellent dentist, highly skilled, and has the utmost integrity. I have a complicated set of teeth and have been going to him for many years. He's far away from retirement and h..."

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. John Gonzalez. He is the BEST dentist on the Westside!!  I'm an extremely nervous patient & he is so kind and gentle.  He provides headphones to cancel out noise and nitrous if needed, which definitely helps calm the nerves.  He's also a perfectionist, whi..."

"Dr. Gonzales is a true artist and has saved my smile!  I had to get veneers on my two front teeth and went to a local dentist in Culver City who was well recommended.  After two shoddy attempts, I lost all confidence with this dentist.  Thankfully, I found Dr. Gonzales.  His process was completel..."

"I met Dr Gonzalez many years ago but I didn't go to see him until I had some problems. I knew he would be honest about what needed to be done. He's wonderful...kind, patient, meticulous, and so knowledgeable. He really explained things so that I could make a choice based on what's real. Thank you..."

"Dr . Gonzales is incredible.  He beautifully crafted my son's right front tooth after my son broke it in HALF!  His staff is amazing, kind and encouraging.  I live about 30 minutes away and wouldn't go anywhere else!"

"Doctor John Gonzalez has been by my side for a number of years now. He was highly recommended to me by my modeling agency as one of the best dentists in L.A. He's done few crowns, implants, cavity fillings and I am refusing seeing other specialists.His gentle approach, pain free touch, clear expl..."

"I battle with me teeth. I've had 4 crowns on molars, 1 crown on a front tooth, and deal with periodontal disease with a lot of bone loss, all in the last 5 years since coming back to the LA area. Dr. John Gonzalez has been incredible, honestly I don't think I could imagine a better man doing a be..."

"Okay. I can't imagine that there is a better dentist out there than Doctor G.  He is amazing. I went to him because my dentist (at the time) wanted to put veneers on more of my teeth and I wanted a second opinion. Thank God I did this because Dr. G looked at my teeth and said, "You don't have a c..."

"SERIOUSLY the best dentist who walks the earth. My family and I have been coming to Dr. G for years and are always amazingly pleased with the results. He's incredibly sweet and his staff makes you feel comfortable as opposed to the normal 'I'm cringing in this chair - please get me outta here'. G..."

"Dr. Gonzalez and his staff are simply amazing!I was dealing with a chronic tooth pain for a few months, and Dr. Gonzalez and his staff accommodated my busy work schedule by coming in early for my appointments several times, even as a new patient. I could not have asked for a better dentist or sta..."

"My dental guardian angel.Remember the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry dares to switch barbers within the same shop??  That's me, only with dentists.  I switched to Dr. Gonzalez years ago and never looked back.Between not-so-great dental genes and a history of subpar work from other dentists, I us..."

"I have had to have a LOT of teeth work over the years and have also moved around frequently, and so I have had exposure to numerous dentists. I can say, unequivocally, that Dr. Gonzalez is hands down the best dentist I have ever had. His passion for his work combined with his true caring for each..."

"All the 5 star reviews are True!I've been a patient of his for so long I cannot even remember when I started - but I do remember switching to him.My first dentist in LA was a close cousin of my friend. He did very good work and I knew he was trustworthy. I had complete faith he was taking care of..."

"Dr. Gonzalez and my family go way back to 1995 - his dedication to make your smile beautiful and your fillings most comfortable, while the process is painless, is truly amazing!  He has done an extensive work on my teeth and I was extremely happy with the outcome.  He is a true artist and my fami..."

"Dr. Gonzalez is an expert at what he does. He's a true artisan and you can tell he really cares about his patients. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for quality dental care."

"Dr. Gonzalez has been my dentist for about 10 years. I believe when you are truly satisfied, you won't look elsewhere, which is how I feel about Dr. Gonzalez. His work is exceptional. He and his staff are professional and friendly. They are mindful of my time, but if I have questions or concerns ..."

"A smart and skilled dentist with a wonderful office and staff."

"Dr. Gonzalez provides thoughtful, thorough, and professional dental artistry.  I have been impressed with his knowledge and approach for the past several years.  His patients are fortunate to be served by him."

"If I could give Dr. Gonzalez 10 stars, I would. When I moved to Los Angeles a little over a year ago, a good friend and role model in my life knew that finding a good dentist had been a real struggle for me. I've dealt with a lot of dental problems and a lot of dentists the last 4 or 5 years and ..."

"I learned the hard way that you usually don’t discover you’ve received subpar dental work until a good amount of time later when things go awry.  After a lot of poor dentistry done by other practitioners, I’ve found my dental guardian angel in Dr. Gonzalez.I’ve been with Dr. Gonzalez for ove..."

"I fly in from around the world just to come see Dr. Gonzalez! He's brilliant, and he doesn't sit there and force work on you, he figures out the real problem and has saved me literally thousands of dollars that other dentists would have charged to give me unnecessary  work! My whole family a..."

"When I moved to California three years ago, I asked my daughter-in-law if she could recommend a dentist.  I knew I needed a fair amount of work.'Yes! John Gonzalez!  He's the best.' My son came into the room, ''John Gonzalez? See him.  He's the best dentist I've ever had.'Thei..."

"Best dentist in Southern California!  I've been a patient of Dr. Gonzalez for over 10 years.  He's truly an artist and a perfectionist when it comes to dentistry.  He also has the best hygienist ever!"

"Dr. Gonzalez is a great and meticulous dentist. His work is wonderful and the office is very comfortable. I would recommend him time after time!"

"Dr Gonzalez is talented as well as caring and a true artist.  His assessment of dental needs is the very best.  I travel quite a bit and have experienced other dentists who are not anywhere near his level of excellence.  he is tops."

"Excellent, caring dentist with a lot of integrity. The staff is also great. Appointments are easy to schedule and I’ve never waited more than 5-10 minutes. I highly recommend."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Gonzalez for many years. When I think of doctors that I can recommend to my friends, he is, without hesitation, the first person on my list. He is an excellent dentist, highly skilled, gentle, and conducts his business with the utmost integrity and kindness. I have ve..."

"My husband and I have been going to Dr. Gonzalez for a long time and we are 100% satisfied with his expertise and care. Dr. Gonzalez is very patient and gentle, and takes time to explain procedures in detail. Not only that, but he will not perform unnecessary dental work which isn't always the ca..."

"I have worked in the dental field for over 15 years and Dr. Gonzalez is the BEST DENTIST I have ever meet. I have his patient for over 5 years and would NEVER change him. He pays attention to detail, listes to you and is very patient. I am terrified to go to the dentist, when he did my filling he..."

"Dr. Gonzalez is the most gentle dentist out there! He is also a perfectionist which is exactly what I need in a dentist, someone who takes great pride in his work and truly cares for his patients."

"Dr. Gonzalez is a great dentist! He fixed a broken front tooth perfect for me among other  dental work. He is caring and patient. I would highly recommend him and his office. I have been going to him for serval years. Try to park on the street."

"I'm so lucky to have found Dr. Gonzalez! I am very hard on my teeth, to say the least. By the time I met him, I had ground down most of my teeth and was repeatedly breaking the veneers on my front teeth. With great skill and patience, Dr. Gonzalez basically rebuilt my mouth and restored my bite. ..."

"I wanted to share my five star experience with Dr. Gonzalez.  I have been going to Dr. Gonzalez since 2000 or before,  he has been consistently professional, accommodating and caring.  There are no words to describe how wonderful my experience with Dr. Gonzalez and his staff has be..."